5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from G Suite

As your business grows, you would need to invest in a software engine that could handle your expanding operations. G Suite, previously known as Google Apps until 2016, could just be the perfect solution in your search for the best software engine for your small business. Google’s suite of intelligent apps, G Suite offers a set of tools that could further productivity, ease collaboration, and generally produce more efficient business operations. If you are yet to be convinced of G Suite’s benefits, allow us to enumerate the top 5 reasons why small businesses in the Philippines ought to deploy G Suite.

1. Professional Communication Channels

With G Suite, your small business can acquire a more professional touch that comes in the form of email service and conferencing applications. While it’s true that Gmail, which is rather free, already serves as an efficient webmail platform, upgrading to G Suite entitles you to use a custom email with your selected domain name (usually the business name). For instance, instead of using juandelacruz@gmail.com or nameofsmallbusiness@gmail.com, you can use a more professional email account such as juandelacruz@nameofbusiness.com vis-à-vis digital marketing tools. It may sound small, but this proves to be a boost in credibility and authority of the sender. Consequently, your mailing list will perceive you as a reliable company. Likewise, G Suite allows you to access Google Hangouts, a popular video-conferencing application that could accommodate at most 25 joiners using any device in wherever location they are at. In effect, communication among teams is no longer hindered by distance and physical space.

2. Cheaper Costs

G Suite provides plans like the basic plan and professional plan, which have their own perks. SERVIO's Digital Transformation Package, for example, is best for use by teams with up to 10 or 15 members. It costs PHP459 per month per user. For this plan, your small business could enjoy 30 GB of inbox storage, shared calendars, and group alias addresses, among other tools. This is low enough compared to the practical benefits your business could enjoy.

3. Enhanced Collaboration

If the collaboration between teams is your problem, you might as well sign up for a G Suite plan today. With G Suite, team members no longer need to meet together in the conference room to brainstorm ideas, edit or revise documents, and ask for suggestions. This is because G Suite has intelligent apps that allow simultaneous collaboration on documents. This means that your members could all work together or the same document at the same time, and all changes are automatically saved in the cloud. Also, there’s no need to worry about confidentiality because G Suite lets you decide who to give editing capabilities to, which could be just a few members or everyone in the organization. What’s even more interesting is that G Suite lets team members use the built-in chat features while collaborating. As a result, projects are completed faster.

4. Structured Scheduling

With digital transformation, it should not be a problem whenever you have lots of things to plan for. G Suite helps you with the easy organization of appointments with its Google Calendar and Admin Console. Hence, planning projects, tracking deadlines, setting appointments, and organizing meetings become less arduous tasks. In shorter terms, G Suite acts as a planner for your organization.

5. Data Security

G Suite provides online data storage that is cloud-based, therefore, upgrading data security. Because data are stored in the cloud, your information is safe even when one or more servers fail. This is because the information in the cloud is stored in data centers across the globe. Moreover, with online data storage, data can easily be accessed by any of your team members even when they are out of the office. Of course, you, as the business owner, still holds control of what data will be available for access to your employees.

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