Benefits of Online Data Storage

Owning a business does not end with opening a physical space with an office to operate. In this day and age, consider your business old-fashioned when you are still stuck with paper filing methods and large storage rooms with filing cabinets. What you need is a digital business that does not only allow you to use cutting-edge technology but also improves your business’ productivity. One method you could incorporate in the shift to digital transformation is the use of online storage. It is not even an acceptable excuse to say that you are just a “small business”, because your business, out of all businesses, has the utmost need for this service. Read on to see for yourself how online data storage can benefit small businesses in the Philippines.

Zero geographical limitations

As long as there is an internet connection, work could be done anywhere and anytime when your business has online storage such as Google Drive and One Drive. These digital storage allow anyone to access existing data whenever they are in the office or outside the office. Even when you are out of the country, as long as you have an internet connection, you will be able to readily access needed files from online data storage. There will be no need to send someone to rummage through the files and fax you the documents. It also allows for more business productivity from your people as remote working will be possible. Sharing of files will be done in a more efficient manner. Likewise, when you have new team members, the onboarding process becomes easier as the new employees will have ready access to important files that were previously filed in folders or sent through emails. In addition, data is moved very easily with online data storage should you transfer offices. With online storage, there will be a smoother movement without data loss and logistics problems. Essentially, having online data storage lets you and your people work from any location without having to struggle about retrieving needed information.

Lower costs

Having an online storage service for your small business helps you save money. Comparing an online storage service and an in-house server will allow you to see how you can cut down on unnecessary costs. In-house servers require managing and a lot of maintenance. When you have these, you are also required to hire IT consultants or server support personnel so these servers will be maintained. With online data storage services, you can cut down on hardware and maintenance costs. With SERVIO Small Business, you can save a lot by paying as low as PhP459 a month rather than paying monthly salaries of the support staff.

Information security

Cyberattacks remain a problem for small businesses that ignore the power of technology to defend information security. Some businesses suffer data loss with cybersecurity attacks, which is why there are entrepreneurs less willing to switch to new digital models. Online data storage facilities have strong security measures in place that have been proven to endure large cyberattacks. Backup and recovery are given with online data storage services; thus, there is guaranteed protection against security breaches. You can be assured that your data is secured and is stored in a remote server.

Easier file sharing with clients

One problem for small businesses is sharing large files with clients. Email services have their limitations when it comes to the size of outbound emails. With online data storage, this is not a problem as clients may be given access to common documents, whatever the size, through a shared online directory. There will be no need to email the files. Clients could just log in and find the needed documents by themselves. This way, you get to share the files easily, save time, and promote productivity for both your people and your clients.

Give your business a boost. Sign up for our basic digital transformation package and see for yourself the advantages of having an online data storage facility for your business.

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