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Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Have you experienced this? Manual recording of employees’ monthly contributions, employee documents, and keeping track of all the files. These are tedious and overly time-consuming tasks. Instead of taking that precious time to oversee the performance of your employees’ productivity, you spend your never-ending administrative task to the things that should’ve been taken care of in the first place.

SERVIO HR fast tracks all your HR processes with just a few clicks. This way, you can organize all time-consuming task from recruiting employees up Philippine government compliance, benefits up to their exit processes. In return? you have the time to get a 360-degree look at your company.

With SERVIO HR, you can:

1. Navigate Stringent Hiring Practices

Hiring the right employees make all the difference to a business. Great employees push more productivity to the bottom line. With SERVIO HR, every practice makes it seamless and easy. It can be used for: background checks, resume parsing, and screening that can help to raise hiring standards. All applicant information can be filed and found in one place, so notes about references, interviews, and qualifications can be viewed and compared with ease.

2. Improve security database of your employees

Information breaches can be costly for a business in many ways. Customers and employees may lose faith in the company’s ability to protect their information, so they may shy away from working with or for the company. Businesses will also have to resolve any issues that breaches cause and implement new systems to protect against future breaches.

This generally comes with encryption to protect against outside invasions and role access restrictions to safeguard against internal threats. This can prevent breaches and keep information even more secure than manual organization systems.

3. Boost Performance and Engagement

Employees’ Self Service or ESS speed up communications, providing employees with feedback and a way to connect with peers and supervisors from mobile devices. SERVIO HR also comes with goal setting and tracking options. Using these features may help boost employee performance and engagement.

4. Provide Actionable Insights

Analytics and reporting provide smart ways to use company data to make timely and future decisions. By reviewing previous years and months of labor statistics, turnover information, and hiring data, your company may be able to improve HR operations. Improving HR operations can make your company a more attractive place to work, while also saving costs and boosting efficiency.

5. Minimize Compliance Risks

Complying with laws(link to accounting blog) can preserve a company’s credibility and prevent costly penalties from being levied. SERVIO HR compiles information pertinent to regulations automatically and provides insights on how to file required reports. SERVIO HR offers unlimited support from our team so that HR professionals can stay up to date easily and manage compliance requirements effortlessly.

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