8 Simple Ways to Grow Your Business Today

Establishing a business is easy, all you need is money, resources the product/service you want to offer to market and all the other requirements, but in making it successful and sustainable there are things that you need to consider.

There are bunch of advice and strategies available online in helping your business grow and from the researches we’ve done here are some simple tips on how you can grow your business:

1. Know your customers. Knowing your customers does not only mean that you were able to identify their age and locality or their simple demographics. Truly knowing your customer means you know their type of behavior, their psychographic data and their preferences in buying a product, specifically their thoughts about consuming the product/service you are offering.

2. Provide excellent customer service. When you give the right customer care and assistance to your customer you were able to make a good remark to them resulting for them to have a loyalty on your business and for them to recommend your business to their relatives and friends.

3. Take good care of your existing customers and look for new opportunities. It is good that you create new customers but do not forgot that you already have your existing ones and they still need your attention. Remember, you are not the only business who offer that product/service, your customer can go to other business if they want to. Through your existing loyal customers seek for new opportunities and strategies, by them you can also see what is more likely to be attractive to them and worth spending for.

4. Use the different social media platforms. Today’s generation is a “techie” generation so it is important that you utilize these platforms in creating visibility and awareness to your prospected customers. What’s good about social media platforms and all other digital platform they come in both organic and paid presence which means that you don’t need to spend a lot on it, because you have your option. Learn more on digitizing your business.

5. Attend business gathering and events. When achieving to grow your business it is important that you create connection with other businesses. Through this relationship you were able to learn from the different experiences that other businesses have encountered already. Also, you'll be able to gain some key strategies and insights that can help your business compete with big brands.

6. Host events. In connection to the fifth tip, it is relevant that your business to hosts event not just for your fellow businessmen and women but also it is important that you create interactive event for your customers, in that way you can have direct feedback from them and build more harmonious relationship with them. It does not have to be costly, all it need to be, is to be interactive, fun, knowledgeable and helpful.

7. Give back. Do your Corporate Social Responsibility. In keeping your business sustainable it is important that you know how to give back to your community. Doing CSR is a must for every businesses because it is one way of remembering that your business will not be successful if not because of the community who consumes your offerings. Through CSR, you are being reminded of the limitations and effects of your business to the society which in return creates good corporate image for your company.

8. Know what works; improve then do better. In doing business, it is important that you select and track which strategies work well for your business. In this way you can identify which can be utilized in other campaigns and projects and for which are to be improved in order to better performance.

Don’t just look and list down all these tips. It’s time to do real actions and grow. SERVIO Small Business offers services that specializes in helping growing businesses like yours. Contact us here or send us a direct message on our Facebook page.

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