Office 365 or Gsuite: Which is the one for you?

There are day-to-day tools that are essential in the workplace, and two of the tech giants in the industry, which is Microsoft and Google, have provided the IT and business industry with robust and game-changer cloud-based storage. Office 365 and the Gsuite.

The business industry has never been the same when these two tech companies pioneered and disrupted digital channels that made communication more comfortable and accessible. Many corporations and small businesses are confused about what is best to use for their companies whether they should use Office 365 or G Suite as tools in their workplace.

Asking the right question and analyzing the right tool to know which is suitable for the needs of an organization to run a digital business.

What is the difference between Office 365 and Gsuite?

G Suite features apps such as Gmail, Google Drive, sheets, calendar, Google Keep, and Hangout. The G Suite is cloud-based, but it has apps that can work even if there's no internet or offline. It makes the workload flexible anytime and continuously on the move. Meanwhile for Office 365 features Outlook, one drive, word, excel, PowerPoint, One Note, SharePoint, Yammer, Skype, and more. The similarities between the two are that both are cloud-based and can be downloaded easily with an app. Both are designed to make workflows efficient and productive for business owners.

The difference is that Office 365 may be old -school or traditional since it used to dominate the IT and business industry. Schools taught using PowerPoint or word for learning and workplaces look for applicants that are knowledgeable on using the Microsoft tools back then. Still, now that Google is here to stay, it also changed the industry with its high-technology and modern features that brought digital transformation in the industry. Some employees prefer using word files than the google docs, while others are using Gmail for business communications while companies that are remote use Skype for video conferencing.


For business owners, time is money, and the decision of whether to use Office 365 or Gsuite to make the work process faster and efficient is essential. G Suite offers three basic payment methods, and that is Basic, Business, and Enterprise. While there's also free access to Gsuite's features but with limited storage.

Business owners should choose those that have a payment and subscription method for a much larger capacity of cloud storage and more features available.

While for Office 365 it offers many various payment methods, there's Office 365 business essentials, business, business premium, Pro plus, and E1-E5. They offer many options for business owners, but the three business plans are for small business owners with over 300 employees.

Gsuite true to the branding of Google's minimalistic and neat features also offers elegant yet high-quality features. While for Office 365 its all about options and offers cost-effective It solutions to a business owner. You get what you paid for, and Microsoft is also an excellent choice for employees handling complicated workflows where the Office 365 can manage.


The digital space is not safe from hackers or cyber viruses. Therefore security is one of the essential features when shifting to using cloud-based solutions for your company. The last thing that a business owner wants to hear is leakage on their files or privacy getting invaded on the online space.

Both Gsuite and Office 365 offer security for users of their apps and cloud space. The difference is that the G Suite security features are built just like google infrastructure. It can easily attempt suspicious sign-ins, it has a two-factor authentication, and it has built-in spam, virus, and malware detection that makes your files safe and scanned. They also offer mobile management to keep your data safe in case an employee lost his or her phone, and there's crucial data or information in it.

There is also configurable security setting from a centralized admin console. While for Office 365, it has Multiple factor authentication, and it can also easily detect out of place sign-ins and suspicious activity. It comes with company-issued devices that an organization can restrict from getting access by using its device management tool.

The Office 365 security system is packed with numerous security such as message encryption, advanced threat analytic, and also mobile device management.

Ease of use

Both platforms, such as Gsuite and Office 365, are user-friendly; this means that employees or people can work and use digital solutions with ease.

If the majority of the employees are much more familiar with using Office 365 rather than Gsuite, it can be a deciding factor within the company. Still, if the CEO or business leaders prefer to use Gsuite since it has new and modern features, it can make an impact too. Both suites can be easily accessed through apps, web browsers, technological devices such as phones, laptops.

G Suite is built for collaborating anywhere and anytime with people around the world, if an employee is editing a file using Google docs, then the changes can be quickly done and saved immediately.

As to the Word file, it's great for independent workers whose job doesn't need much collaboration. Office 365 is familiar to the majority of career-oriented people since it has become a powerful tool in the corporate world.

Office 365 is also flexible as Gsuite since employees can use the platform either on the web or through an app or the company computer.

But the big question is, which is much better for a company or small business enterprise to use? The answer is that it depends on what does the company or business prioritize like email over having an extensive cloud storage system or better-looking presentations for pitch meetings to a client? It all boils down to priority, and there are different functions and features that Office 365 and Gsuite can provide businesses of all sizes.

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