The Impact of Digital Transformation to Small Businesses

Let’s get things direct to the point, shall we? Digital transformation impacts businesses positively. There’s no use going against this fact. The right question then is how digital transformation positively impacts businesses, particularly small businesses in the Philippines like yours.

While many software providers in the market today claim that they offer a complete digital transformation package for your needs, there are only a few who possess a thorough understanding of what this term really means. Perhaps you have already encountered a team that asserts that digital transformation is simply automating the way you do business processes such as payroll and customer service management. Truth be told, such a company does not really know what digital transformation for businesses is.

What really is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is a wide range of processes that involves the integration of digital technology within all aspects of the business. This means that it does not stop with a fully automated payroll process or customer service management, but rather includes all areas of your processes as a small business. It covers even the tiniest elements of your business operations, such as the onboarding process for new hires, use of access cards in clock-ins, electronic mail marketing, digital marketing, customer satisfaction surveys, scheduling of tasks, post-mortems, calendar and scheduling, and even day-to-day work requirements such as document sharing and data storage. All of these operations will benefit the company, the employees, and especially the customers.

How does digital transformation impact small businesses?

There’s absolutely no truth in arguing that digital transformation is only for large businesses. In fact, it is needed by all businesses today, regardless of size, in order to maintain their place in the ever-growing market competition. Imagine having your employees use a software engine that provides seamless access of data whenever or wherever they need, or your teams being able to work concurrently in a single document or file without having the need for regular calls or checks, or your customers and potential clients having ready and secure access to your business presentation, or yourself being able to communicate with everyone in the office in just a click even when you are physically located miles away from your office. Imagine your small business doing all these things. Doesn’t it feel productive both for yourself and for your employees? Doesn’t it guarantee a smooth transaction and a better impression with your clients? Doesn’t it feel more organized?

Inherently, digital transformation changes the way your small business operates and delivers value to your clients. It has been demonstrated to improve employees’ productivity, accelerate responsiveness to client requests, make marketing more efficient and speedy, and allow your business to offer better customer engagement that will all contribute to your business revenue as well as settle your position in the market. Moreover, today’s clients demand digitized services; hence, if you’re afraid of going with the trend, you just might not suit your customers’ appetite.

If your small business has not yet taken the leap towards digital transformation, perhaps it’s time you understand how our solutions can help you enjoy the positive impact of digital transformation. Whether it’s a need for storage, email, security, and accessibility, or productivity services, SERVIO’s Digital Transformation solutions could help you out so you’ll never have to do it alone.

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