Why Do You Need To Have a Business Website?

It's a highly competitive space now in the business industry, and every business owner should know the importance of having a business website. Digital Marketing is disrupting the brick and mortar, business model. Therefore a company's website became the new face of every organization. It is an extension of a physical store since the majority of businesses have shifted to the digital ecosystem.

Does it mean that businesses born digitally only have the right to run a business website and dominate the online space? The answer is a resounding no.

There's a massive misconception on this part, businesses that are brick and mortar which shifted to being digital must also have a business website. According to various studies, about 35-40% of small businesses don't have a website and this can stagnate the sales and be a slow death to a company.

The majority of E-commerce stores focus on building an efficient digital business website that houses most of their services of products online. Owning and running a UX design-friendly and organized business website is there bread and butter.

Another great example is the business owner of a startup media agency or company, which aims to build traffic with their website. The media team has to publish high-quality content through their website on their blog section to attract clients or viewers. In the marketing world, Content is King and having a business website is not only a game-changer but it's also an efficient way to get leverage among competitors within the industry.

According to research, 97% of people go online to find a local business. This percentage shows that the majority of people use the power of the search engine to find brands or companies that can cater to their needs.

Business owners who are small and are running on a tight budget must be thinking, is having a website worth the money or risk? Or Does it bring back ROI?

The answer is that if a business doesn't keep up with the digital space, not owning a website shall put them at a disadvantage. Not utilizing an opportunity to have a business website brings more risk and less ROI than running and optimizing one.

1. It shows credibility

Nowadays, customers are keen on checking the digital presence of businesses, and it assures them that a company is credible, especially if they have a business website.

88% of customers are said to be checking businesses online before making a purchase according to a survey conducted by the eCommerce Foundation.

Customers are wary of businesses that don't have a strong and updated online presence; the first thing a company wants to give its potential customers is a good impression. One way to do so is to have a business website that showcases their products and services. A business website serves as an introduction to a business, from the color of the site, vibe, and design of the website, UX design, and information that it's providing a customer. It also shows the professionalism and reliability of their business website and digital marketing. If a business website has a wow factor, then it will surely be memorable to the audience.

2. Accessible to customers

Since a business website is accessible to potential customers with a click of their thumbs, they can easily purchase online. In contrast, existing customers can easily share or rave about their favorite products or brand by sharing the business website link through their social media channels.

A business website also serves as a communication tool with your existing and potential customers. Some business websites have optimized their sites by having online customer service through chat. This level of optimization shows that a business is serious in building a relationship with its audience by improving their customer service and online channel.

3. Signifies business leadership

A business website also showcases thought leadership within the industry. One of the best examples for this is Hubspot, not only they publish multiple marketing articles but they also offer free marketing online classes for their customers. They provide valuable products and knowledge, which made the company a fan favorite with its audience.

A small business selling plants or gardening tools can also benefit from a business website by putting up a business website and publishing thought-provoking content about plants or the field of botany. This marketing effort can also help increase their sales and boost traffic on search engines. It helps build trust and authenticity with its customers since a business wants to be customer-centric as much as they can.

4. Serves as a marketing tool

Last but not least, a business website is like an online brochure or business card of every business. It is a powerful marketing channel that helps people purchase products and acquire services. With a business website promoting and selling products can be more comfortable, especially if it's an e-commerce store. If it's not an e-commerce store, then it offers an excellent opportunity to promote the physical store of a business.

How does a business website become a marketing tool? If it's site is professionally done, and the content management system is built effectively when the UX design is user-friendly, the contents of the website are SEO infused. All of these factors make up a business website useful for marketing strategy.

A business website can also announce hirings within the business website, and it can also be another strategy in promoting the business.

Running a business website can also help you gain insights on how to attract more customers in the future. There is no excuse for a business regardless if it's a big or a small one, shouldn't have a business website. Since it offers many benefits that are crucial and important for longevity in this high-technology business industry.

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